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Fotor, the best photo editing app, can enhance image quality, add various effects, collage pictures, and design graphics. Fotor photo editor app is easy to use for everyone and suitable for iOS and Android.

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Photo enhancer of Fotor photo editing app

Photo Enhancer of Fotor Photo Editing App

The shooting light is too dark to see the subject? Come and try the 1-tap enhance of the Fotor picture editing app. It can automatically enhance your picture quality in one click according to your picture content, including picture color, sharpness, contrast, etc. You no longer need to open the edit bar to adjust the parameters one by one. Easy to get an amazing picture.

Photo effects of photo editor

Photo Effects of Fotor Best Photo Editor App

Fotor, as one of the best photo editor applications, provides effects that adapt to various scenes, making your photos full of style changes. Film effects make your photos look like those taken with a film camera. Vintage picture effects can make your photos look like old photos. Not enough? There are more interesting effects in our store, such as the cinematic effect, scratch effect, and B/W effect. Download the Fotor free photo editor app and try it now!

Adjust image with Fotor photo editor

Adjust Image with Fotor Free Photo Editor App

You are not satisfied with the photos you took and want to make post-adjustments to the photos yourself? The adjusted function of the Fotor can almost meet all your needs. The main tools are exposure, brightness, contrast, vividness, saturation, sharpness, etc. In addition, Fotor, a photo editor app download for mobile, can also adjust the shadow, color temperature, tone, color scale, and graininess of the photo.

Collage photo editor app

Collage Photo Editor App

Use the collage function in the Fotor photo editing app to make your photos exquisitely arranged and grouped. Fotor provides a wealth of classic and magazine templates, helping you surprise everyone secretly with beautiful photo collages. Here, you can not only choose the picture template you want to put, but you can also change the background, border, and internal spacing of the collage templates.

Graphic design software

Graphic Design Software

Whether in social media or offline life, something with a sense of design always attracts people's attention. The Fotor graphic design software in App allows you to start your design journey anytime, anywhere. Our functions include social media cover design, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., as well as marketing design, such as logos, posters, flyers, etc. There are a large number of templates waiting for you in every functional design.

Edit pictures with Fotor photo editor app

How to Edit a Photo in Fotor App?

  • Download the Fotor photo editor app from Google Store or Apple Store.
  • After installation is completed, open Fotor app.
  • After entering the home page, you can click the "+" button above to add a picture and start editing the picture directly. You can also select the function you want to use on the home page, and enter the edit page.
  • After the picture is edited, click the save button in the upper right corner.

What People are Saying about Fotor's Photo Editor APP

I love Fotor because it is so easy for me to use. I can add text, fonts, and move them where I need them.


Club Owner is always my go-to software for designing, editing, and college needs! The templates are all catered to the type of design you are trying to create and the inspiration is endless. It is also incredibly user-friendly!

Amy Desrosiers


I use fotor to make SNS image posts and it is 120% helpful. It's perfect, I like everything.

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