Manage Your Brand Assets with Brand Kit

Pre-set your branding elements, logo, brand colors, fonts, and photos in one place with Fotor's brand kit. Help you quickly build brand identity with a simplified procedure to boost your business!

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Grow Your Brand on Marketing

A brand kit is a resource tool that can manage your brand logos, brand fonts, brand colors, brand images, brand graphics in one place. You are easy to make your brand identity with those important visual elements with Fotor's brand kit. Display your amazing brand identity on social media posts, ads cover, and more, empowering your brand soon.

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Simple, Consistency, Efficiency

Add logos, colors, and fonts to create brand kits for different scenarios. The entire design process with Fotor's brand kit only needs clicks, drag-and-drop, upload, which is designed for everyone to improve the branding creation efficiency.

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Build Your Own Brand Kit with Fotor

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Advantages of Branding the Content with Fotor's Brand Kit

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How to Create You Brand kit?

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Get started

Open Fotor and click “Create a Design” and choose the “Brand Kit” layout. Click "Create" and name the brand kit folder.

Upload an image

Upload the logo. Add the main color of the brand kit, or choose a color combination that we have already matched.

Step text
Select fonts

Select the font for the title, subtitle, and body text.

Step d

Start designing. Click "Download" when you are finished, and select the format you want to save.

Brand Kit FAQs

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