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Using Fotor's resume builder to make a professional cover letter and excellent resume will increase the probability you'll land your dream drop and makes your job search go more smoothly.

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What's the Resume Standard Size

In a standard resume size, how you organize your content like images, fonts, and text, is very important. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to highlight your skills and qualities, allowing you to get in the door for an interview. Knowing the proper size for a resume is just the first step to making an outstanding resume.

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How to Make a Resume

  • Browse the Fotor Design features, and choose the Resume template you like.
  • Choose a well-designed template and drag and drop your photos onto the template, or create your own template from scratch.
  • Manage overlays, backgrounds, and text to optimize your design.
  • Preview and Save your work
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What Features Does Fotor's Resume Builder Have


How do I make my own resume?
How can I make my resume more attractive?
What should we write in a resume?
What is the best format for a resume?

Come and check out Fotor's resume builder now and shorten your job search in a few clicks!

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