Unique Funky Photo Effects

Now your photos can also get a little funky with Fotor’s funky effects! Being inspired by different styles of photography, Fotor’s funky photo effects can give funkier touchup to your pictures more than what a camera can do. With creative and unique photo effects to make your photos amazing, you will make your friends awestruck quickly and easily.

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Special Online Photo Effects

The funky photo effect means a one kind of fashionable look and a special stylish photo. With Fotor's funky photo effect maker, it enables you to experience amazing photo effects online. With nothing to download, just upload your image, and the online funky photo filter enhances what's bright and lightens up the image automatically. Just a single click later, your photo emerges with a stunning halo like an angel.

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A Set of Funky Photo Effects

Everyone likes to test all kinds of photo filters to beautify their images before posting. Don't forget check Fotor's funky photo effects. It offers you a variety of funky photo effects and chances to amaze your images. From Halo, Sunlight Spot, Warped to Soaked stylish funky photo effects, picking one funky photo effect and adding a stunning halo to your image automatically can meet your every occasion.

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Easy to Add Funky Photo Effect to Your Photos

Fotor is a powerful online photo effect maker. With advanced digital image technology, all you need to do is upload your image, click the funky style you like, and dress up your image with a fashionable photo effect. You also can control the intensity you apply the photo effect to meet your needs. A few clicks later, you will have one image with an even more special halo.

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Be Funky With Fotor's Funky Photo Effects

Supporting some of the best and most comprehensive funky effects and super funky photo effects, Fotor's state of the art design and effect suite contains more amazing functions than its contemporaries, Retrica Online and Be-Funky! Realize the difference and enjoy the creative process like never before with Fotor's amazing filters!

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How to Add a Photo Effect to Your Photo?

  • Open Fotor, Click "Import" on the top right to upload the images you wish to edit.
  • Select"Funky" column under "Effect" function on the top left.
  • Apply whichever funky effect you like to the uploaded image.
  • Adjust the color and effect of intensity for maximum results.
  • Preview and save your work in the format and quality desired.
  • Share your excellent work on social media directly.
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Funky Photo Effects FQAs

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Fotor Is Not Just Providing the Best Funky Photo Effect Experience

Features featurecard Color Splash en a
Color Splash Effect

Fotor's color splash effects are ones that turn your photos to black and white, and then allow you to choose an item or an area of the shot to add original color in the image. The results are pretty dramatic and add in a whole new feeling to the picture. Let's do it now.

Features featurecard goart b
AI Photo Effect

Fotor's AI photo effects are the best feature you have never seen before. It turns your original pictures into painting artwork automatically. You don't have to be a real artist to draw a picture, upload your images, click a few steps, and then do magic work.

Features featurecard cool en c
Cool Photo Effect

Fotor's cool photo effects allow you to filter your photos immediately. Fotor provides well-made effect templates that will make you be shocked. Let's try to edit your ordinary photo into an extraordinary photo!

Features featurecard Blur d
Blur Effect

Blur can often make photos more aesthetically pleasing, which is why it is commonly featured in all programs for photo editing. With Fotor's blur effect editor, Blurring the background of an image can help you highlight the objects in the foreground. Let's start to enjoy it.

Features featurecard Lomo Effect e
Lomo Effect

You miss the chance to take pictures at sunset with your family is a pity. With Fotor'slomo effect, Your regret turned into shock. Only a few clicks, the images turn into exactly the effect that you want. Try it now.

Tilt Shift
Tilt-Shift Effect

Tilt-shift effect is a photography technique that involves using a tilt-shift capable lens with a large aperture to create a very shallow depth of field in the picture. With Fotor's online editor, You don't have to get the specific skill to edit the photo, a couple of steps, all the things are done. The only thing you should do is thanks to Fotor.

The Best Free Online Funky Effects

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