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Remove background from image easily with Fotor’s online background remover. Get transparent image automatically, change backgrounds, and add backgrounds to your photo in seconds.

Fotor AI Background Remover

Automatically Remove Backgrounds from Images Online

Say goodbye to expensive and complicated software. With Fotor’s AI-powered background remover, you can remove backgrounds in your images in seconds. All you have to do is upload your photo, and Fotor will automatically detect the photo subject and erase the background for you. It’s 100% automatic, saving you a ton of time and effort.

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Delete Backgrounds with High Quality

Delete Backgrounds with Superb Quality and Accuracy

If you’ve ever tried to remove image backgrounds containing hair, animal fur, or other fuzzy objects, you know how difficult it can be. Well, not anymore. Powered by an algorithm that constantly learns, Fotor’s background eraser can precisely detect and extract subjects from complex images and create a beautiful, smooth edge. No more wasted hours trying to get a clean cutout for your images!

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Make any Image Background Transparent Easily

Make Backgrounds Transparent for Any Image

Our powerful image background remover can work with almost any type of image- portraits, animals, jewelry, cars, real estate, icons, text, signatures, and even graphics. Try Fotor out now to generate transparent backgrounds for your images with stunning edge detail and download them in high-resolution PNG files instantly and effortlessly.

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Easily Replace and Change Photo Backgrounds

Don't like the background of your photos? Remove the original background and replace it with a new one. Replace the photo background with a colored background, a landscape, or any other background you like. Our photo background remover also gives you the ability to add captions and stickers, apply photo filters, and so much more. You now have full control over your image background.

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Fotor background remover app

Powerful Background Remover App for iOS & Android

Taking backgrounds out of pictures just got much easier thanks to our background remover app! Install the Fotor background remover app for your iOS or Android device for free to make images transparent anytime and anywhere. You’ll be amazed at how effortless it is to use- see the magic for yourself!

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Remove the background from product images

Remove Backgrounds for Product Images

Selling products online? Our background removal tool will help you create stunning product photos with transparent or white backgrounds and add product shadows to make them look more professional. Plus, you’ll find a library of customizable design templates that can be used for creating ad banners, posters, flyers, catalogs, and much, much more. Perfect for your e-Commerce image needs with Fotor.

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Remove animal picture background

Remove Animal Picture Backgrounds

Make dogs' products more charming and get much attention in your online shop via remove background from the image. Get image transparent, add dog subject to poster template, and boost your pet business with Fotor's transparent background maker.

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Remove background from real estate image

Remove Backgrounds From Real Estate Images

In the real estate business, making sure the property is at the forefront of your advertisement. You'd better remove the image background and get one clean visual look with Fotor's bg remover. Meanwhile, Fotor offers graphic design tools and resources to help you put it on some flyers, poster templates. Easy to catch client's attention at first sight.

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Remove background from car photo

Remove Backgrounds From Car Photos

When selling the car, the car is the key point of your advertisement. If you remove the background, add it on some beautiful scenes, backgrounds and make it more supper cool with Fotor's image background remover. You can get more clients soon with an amazing car banner.

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How to remove background from picture

How to Remove Background From a Picture?

  • Simply open Fotor's free background remover, upload the image you want to remove backgrounds, and press “Background Remover” button to get started right away.
  • Then Fotor will automatically remove the image background for you. In just a few seconds, your image with a transparent background is ready for download.
  • Apart from that, Fotor offers a lot of editing features- you can add a white background, a black background, or other solid color backgrounds to the image within a few clicks. Want some extra fun? Fotor offers many stock photos, illustrations and patterns to help you add new scenes to your image.
  • Once you're done editing and everything looks right for you, click on the “Download” button at the top of the toolbar to export your image in PNG format with a transparent battleground. You can also select JPG or PDF format if that is what you prefer.
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